Eyetracking just using the selfie camera of a smartphone?

oculid provides a unique software that allows you to track a user's eye-movements on a smartphone screen

This enables new areas of application like large scale remote ux testing, secure user authentication and using gaze as a new modality in your interaction design


Smartphone eyetracking using the selfie camera

oculid's gaze tracking algorithms combine advanced deep learning techniques, state-of-the-art computer vision and extensive domain knowledge

High accuracy and precision in tracking what screen areas receive attention

Software-only solution based on integrated cameras independent of the device

UX Testing

Learn what your customers look at on your mobile website, app or prototype

Eye movements help you to easily understand decision making and visual search to design the best digital products possible

Conveniently design, deploy and analyze your experiments in one place


Please contact our UX team to learn more about our product!


Biometric Authentication

Designed to protect you and your data

Overt and cooperative method based on individual characteristics of eye movements

Intuitive, touchless and secure without burdening the user with multi-level processes

Please contact our biometrics team to learn more about our product!


Dr. Antje Venjakob


Dr. Stefan Ruff

Data Science &

Klaas Filler

Software Development &

As researchers at Technische Universität Berlin for many years we spent limitless hours using expensive eye tracking equipment from e.g. SMI, tobii, - all of them perfectly suited for research. We saw so many use cases - biometric authentication, eSports streaming and training, UX analyses and optimizing - that we found it a pity, that using this hardware was very complex and costly and therefore prohibitive for the mass market. This is why we founded oculid. With the help of grants from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and from the Ministry of Education and Research, we made eye tracking available by using the frontend camera of any smartphone, hence reducing complexity and cost to a fraction. Now we are thrilled to start the first rollout for UX analytics to capture global market leadership - and much more products to come.

Klaas Filler, Dr. Antje Venjakob & Dr. Stefan Ruff


Senior Full Stack Developer (f/x/m)

UX/UI Design Student (f/x/m) - Mobile & Web

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