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Ever wondered what users actually see when they engage with your product?

Find out by using oculid's platform to conduct remote mobile user testing

Learn everything you need to know about your user
to build better products

attention and perception
Attention and Perception

Measure attention with oculid’s outstanding remote eye tracking technology.


Learn about users‘ behavior by screen videos, clicks, success rates, task duration.


Gather opinion by custom questionnaires and the thinking aloud method.

How it works - In 3 easy steps to lab-level insights

Step 1 - Create your test
user testing setup

Use the platform to define tasks and corresponding URLs for test users. Select suitable measures with one click and compile the test within minutes. Send out an invitation with all necessary information thanks to our comprehensive invitation template.

Step 2 - Run your test
eye tracking app

Let test users download the oculid app from their app store and run the test with all necessary instructions conveniently on their phones,- wherever they are. Benefit from farther reach and cheaper test user acquisition costs as well as from greater validity of the results as test users use your application in their natural environment.

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Step 3 - Analyze your test
user analytics

Check your results from the moment the first test user uploads their data. Replay test users screen videos along with their gaze paths, clicks and testers’ verbalizations to find out what testers attend to and why they act the way they do. Compare successful task completion and task duration between participants and tasks and create meaningful graphs for reports.

Benefits of oculid’s user testing platform

Tracking users attention
Eye tracking allows you to measure how test users distribute attention when interacting with your product. Measure if relevant icons receive attention or other elements drain attention from what you actually want to show.
Mobile eye tracking
Oculids’ state of the art gaze tracking algorithms provide high accuracy in tracking the eyes on the screen using only the selfie camera integrated in each and every smart phone.
Remote testing
Thanks to a unique combination of cognitive, behavioural and subjective measures, oculid’s remote user testing app provides you with the same level of insight as in-lab tests do.
Easy access to test users
Benefit from testing broad audiences around the globe without having to invite anyone to a lab. Cut costs as you go.
Natural Settings
Obtain more valid results by testing users in their natural environment where they’d normally use your product.
Time & Costs
Save up to 80% of time and 70% of costs compared to in-lab testing.